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Wing Chair

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I used the wing chair to nurse baby #3 and #4. Needless to say, the covers were pretty grungy. I stripped the old coverings about 10 years ago. Four years ago one of our daughters chose fabric and I promised her I would restart the project. I actually did the decking of the chair soon after and then full stop. Nothing got done.

this was how it looked like for several years.

this was how it looked like for several years.

Well, she got engaged, got married about two and a half years ago, and thanksgiving 2015, she announced that they were expecting. I now have a deadline, a nursing chair for the nursery! Still, I procrastinated until about three weeks ago.

It was slow going at first, trying to decide whether I should keep the foam padding and old cotton batting, ooh decisions decision. I decided my new grand baby is not going to inhale any dust or yuckiness from the old padding so off they went. Stripped everything off the wing and the back and most of the arm rest.
I also re watched the series of videos that MJ Amsden had put up on you tube. Armed with the fresh information, I relearned how to use the pneumatic stapler, and searched for all the tools that I had stashed somewhere in the barn.


Prepping the back rest


The chair decking, like I said was done a few years ago. So I started off with the back rest. I was supposed to use horsehair but found out that it is very expensive, so I used polyester batting. On top of that I layered with cotton batting.




I cut enough fabric to cover the back rest and just pulled and stapled. I had kept all of the old cover fabrics thinking I might need it to make a pattern but from the videos, I just needed to cut enough fabric to pull to the back

photo 3

I moved to the arm rests and the wings, again, a layer of polyester and then layers of cotton. Same procedure, place the cover fabric, pull and staple, working on the arm rests, then the wings.

Covering with the fabric and stapling is the easy part and went pretty fast. The picture shows the outside wing, back and sides below the arm rests. This is where the ‘work begins’!

I tackled the outside wing. I stuff the opening with batting, then burlap was stretched and stapled. On top of the burlap, I placed cotton. I sewed welting or piping and that was stapled all around the perimeter. Below the piping, I stapled cardboard strips to strengthened the welting. Then a piece of cover fabric is placed over the cotton and hand sewn to the welting. So really, the welting serves as an anchor  to the cover fabric, using blind stitching.

photo 5

I moved to the side below the arm rest. Same process, filling any openings with poly batting, burlap and cotton and then cover fabric. The cover fabric was stapled under the arm rest, a cardboard strip was stapled to strengthen the whole length. Hand stitching the front edge while the back edge was stapled to the back.

Almost there! I moved to the back, stretched burlap. Made more welting and stapled all around the back edges and stapled cardboard strips. Cover fabric was blind stitched all around. The longest process is the hand stitching. The original chair covers were attached with metal strips with very sharp nails and hammered in to hold the cover fabrics but the video showed me this method and I much preferred it. Those sharp nails looked vicious and I am sure they will hurt me.

When I got to this stage I was pretty pleased with myself. The whole process took me about two to three weeks, not working on it everyday, of course.  I was thinking to myself “how come I waited ten years over?!”

To finish off the bottom of the chair, I stapled welting all around and then I stapled a black dust cover. David (my husband) put the legs back on. The chair looked pretty good! And to think that he was going to take it to the dump!

Today, May 13, I made the cushion covers for the seat and last but not least, I made two small cushions, one small rectangle for the small of the back and a bigger rectangle cushion to lay the baby on while my daughter nurses him.