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Job #2 Jude’s Backhoe Seat

The second job was to cover the seat from Jude’s Backhoe.

Dot will explain below………


Seat bottom. Not a stitch of the old vinyl was left.

My friend was impressed with the job I had done on the Chevy truck bench seats, so she asked if I would cover her husband’s back hoe seat. She said it is very bad. I went over to have a look and Jude, her husband said there is nothing wrong with the seat. I assumed my friend was just fussy and that she just wanted a new cover for the seat. We went to the tractor to take a look and I just about fell over backwards! The covers of the seat and the back rest were non existent!
Rodents had taken bites out of the bare foam and I was wondering if I really wanted to touch these seats!! Notice the holes in the foam that I will have to fill up. “See?” said my friend and I said “These are horrible , how can your husband said there are fine?”

The back of the seat.

The back of the seat.

The back rest was torn and tattered. Instead of using the old vinyl for a pattern, I will have to measure and trace the foam itself.
Seat Bottom

I bought some black vinyl but because I did not have the original sides to the seat, I messed up and ran out of black. I asked if I could use the orange instead. I jokingly told Jude that it will make you snow plow or back hoe faster if you have the orange in it. I unpicked whatever was left of the side vinyl from the back rest and guessed what the pattern should be and fortunately it fitted.

The new cover was attached to the metal base by listing or wire slipped through a bit of muslin that is sewn into the back of the cover. Unfortunatel I id not take a photo of it. It was very difficult to attach. We had to use long crochet hooks to hook the wire to clip on the metal base.

But before the cover was attached to the metal base, I had to sew the plastic retainers onto the vinyl. When I went to Mill End store they told me to get the newer snap in retainers. No sewing required. I purchased several yards but unfortunately, when Dave (my husband) helped to attach the covers onto the metal base with the snap in retainers, it did not hold and instead made holes in the vinyl! Dave said to reuse the old retainers but unfortunately, I had thrashed it and the garbage men had whisked it away! SO lesson not throw any old fixings away until the job is done!!

Fortunately,the tattered back rest still had the sewn in retainers so i unpicked that and sewed it to the bottom cover and we attached the whole cover and foam to the metal base. Whew, thank goodness it worked.

Almost done

Almost done

So the back rest is almost done. Since we used the sew in retainer from the back rest on the bottom seat, we had to figure out how to attach the cover and foam to the metal frame. Dave decided that we use grommets applied to the orange vinyl and used nylon rope to hold the whole back rest in.

The completed seats in the cab of the back hoe.

The completed seats in the cab of the back hoe.

We attached the back rest and seat in the cab of the back hoe, just in time for Jude to use the back hoe as a snow plow because we had a big snow storm the next day!

Just a note: the original seats had cloth center and vinyl sides . The new covers are vinyl with scrim underlay.